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Posted by on August 4, 2014

I am always on the lookout for new ‘healthy hotspots’ when meeting friends for lunch. There are so many cafes and restaurants in Toronto, it can be difficult to filter through them all and find ones that allow me to keep my healthy eating habits on track. A quick google search showed me that ‘iQ food Co’ may be exactly what I was looking for.


My friend and I arranged to meet at 12 outside iQ which is located right in the hub of the financial district at the bottom of Brookfield place on Wellington Street. When we got there, we were greeted by a line of people going out the door and half way down the street. Of course it’s prime lunch time! Neither of us are fans of waiting in line, so for a fleeting moment we considered going somewhere else. The line was moving relatively quickly and we had both been looking forward to checking this place out so we decided to stay put. Fortunately the service was pretty efficient and we got to the service counter pretty quickly.

The Glow Box

The Glow Box

Ginger Kelp

The Ginger Kelp












The decor is bright, simple and airy with high ceilings. The large volume of people created a good buzz about the place. Their menu is made up of a variety of smoothies, snacks, boxes , baked goods, teas and coffee. It was difficult to choose what to have, I honestly would have been happy with everything on the menu. They all sounded so goo! I settled on the ‘Glow Box’ which was made up of quinoa, kale, sweet potato, avocado, pickled cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, hummus and lemon vinaigrette.



Luckily for us most of the customers were getting their lunch ‘to go’ so we easily found some free seats.  My ‘Glow box’ looked vibrant, fresh and full of colour. It was fresh, nutritious and it tasted delicious. The ‘Ginger Kelp’ also looked amazing and I was told it also tasted as good as it looked. Overall we were both very impressed with the food and I will definitely go back again to try some more of their menu options.  Next time however I will maybe visit at ‘off peak’ hours to avoid the crowds of this clearly popular downtown healthy hotspot.

Healthy hotspot rating

Staff friendliness & knowledge: 5/5
Decor & atmosphere: 5/5
Nutrition: 5/5
Accessibility: 5/5
Price/Value: 4/5

Location: 100 Wellington St-Brookfield Place                                                                                                                                             Website:



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